SolidWorks 2024 SP2 Full Premium

SolidWorks 2024 SP2 Full Premium By Dassault Systemes - full_version

Get Dassault Systems for free With the depth to complete important detail work and the variety of tools to solve even the most complicated situations, SolidWorks Total Premium for Windows is an excellent choice. Adding new features to your product development process will help you create innovative goods more quickly.
Android Studio 2023.3.1.18

Android Studio 2023.3.1.18 By Google Developers - freeware

Android Studio's most recent offline installer is available for Windows users to download for free. These days, mobile devices are a common companion in daily life, including leisure. All the tools a programmer needs to create and test Android applications are included in Android Studio, an Integrated Development Editor created by Google specifically for the Android platform. A tool for design, development, and testing.
4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter By Tenorshare - full_version

For Windows, 4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter can be downloaded for free in its entirety as a standalone offline installer. It eliminates duplicate files from Windows, USB, SD cards, and external hard drives in a matter of seconds.
FilmConvert Nitrate OFX 3.59

FilmConvert Nitrate OFX 3.59 By FilmConvert - full_version

FilmConvert Nitrate OFX full version offline installer for Windows can be downloaded for free. It gives you more authority and control over the color grading process.

Bixelangelo By Outerspace Software - full_version

Bixelangelo full version offline installer for Windows may be downloaded for free. BluffTitler may be used to make both 2D and 3D curves with it.
Dll Export Finder 1.5.7

Dll Export Finder 1.5.7 By Jacquelin Potier - freeware

For Windows computers, download Jacquelin Potier Dll Export Finder for free. Finding DLL functions exported within a given directory is a useful tool. This program helps you if you're having trouble remembering which DLL contains the exported function you require.

Bixorama By Outerspace Software - full_version

Bixorama full version offline installer for Windows may be downloaded for free. Using this program, you may take 360-degree pictures.