Saber – Handwritten Notes 0.21.3

Saber – Handwritten Notes 0.21.3 By Adil192 - freeware

For Windows computers, download Saber - Handwritten Notes for free. This multipurpose tool improves your experience with handwriting. It gives you a user-friendly platform to unleash your creativity and productivity, regardless of your level of experience.
The Infinite Kind Moneydance 2024.5117

The Infinite Kind Moneydance 2024.5117 By The Infinite Kind - full_version

Get the full version of The Infinite Kind Moneydance for Windows PC at no cost. This user-friendly personal finance program has all the functions you require, including account management, investment tracking, internet banking, and bill payment.
Starviewer Medical 0.14.0

Starviewer Medical 0.14.0 By Starviewer - freeware

Starviewer Medical is available for Windows PCs at no cost. This robust medical imaging viewer was created to increase efficiency in the medical industry. It provides a complete solution for viewing and interpreting medical pictures because of its ability to connect to PACS servers and access locally stored DICOM files.
Molsketch 0.7.2

Molsketch 0.7.2 By Hvennekate - freeware

Hvennekate Molsketch free download for Windows. It is a flexible 2D molecular editing tool made to make drawing molecules easier, faster, and more fun. For professionals, researchers, or students studying chemistry, it provides an easy-to-use platform for creating molecular structures.
Awesome Miner Ultimate 9.12.7

Awesome Miner Ultimate 9.12.7 By Awesome Miner - full_version

Awesome Miner Ultimate full version offline installer for Windows may be downloaded for free. It oversees and controls the mining of Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Up to 5000 miners can be centrally managed.