YOGA Image Optimizer 1.2.4

YOGA Image Optimizer 1.2.4 By Flozz - freeware

YogA Image Optimizer is available for Windows PCs at no cost. It's a tool meant to simplify and expedite image optimization. Simply drag & drop your photos, select Optimize, and tell us if you're a web developer, a professional photographer, or someone looking to improve their internet appearance.
Voxeldance Tango

Voxeldance Tango By Voxeldance - full_version

Voxeldance Tango full version offline installer for Windows may be downloaded for free. This slicer program for DLP/LCD 3D printing is intended for use by designers, engineers, and figure makers.
Zoner Photo Studio X 19.2403.2.533

Zoner Photo Studio X 19.2403.2.533 By ZONER - full_version

Zoner Photo Studio X is available for Windows PCs at no cost. It will support your photo endeavors. With only one click, this software can fix basic photo issues and perform sophisticated adjustments using layers and a unique retouching brush.
FotoJet Designer 1.3.3

FotoJet Designer 1.3.3 By PearlMountain - full_version

Download FotoJet Designer for Windows in its entirety for free using an offline, standalone installation. This graphic design tool is robust and user-friendly at the same time.

Ansel By Aurelien Pierre - freeware

For Windows computers, download Aurélien Pierre Ansel for free. For artists, it is an open-source raw photo editor. It offers a plethora of functions and tools for image manipulation and enhancement. It enables users to express their creativity and generate amazing outcomes with everything from simple tweaks to sophisticated editing techniques.
ContourTrace 2.8.2

ContourTrace 2.8.2 By KUHN ENGINEERING - full_version

Get the standalone offline installer for Windows version of ContourTrace for free. It is the simplest method for exporting, adjusting, and extracting contours from pictures.