KpRm 2.17.0 By Kernel-panik - freeware

1.9 mb

Direct Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Kernel-panik

Version: 2.17.0

License Type: freeware

KpRm standalone offline installer for Windows can be downloaded for free. It removes unnecessary apps from your system and gives it a thorough cleaning.

An overview of KpRm

This is a little tool that can be useful if you want to thoroughly purge your system of other programs that make folders in places that most users don’t typically check.

To complete disinfection, utilize KpRm; it eliminates the following software:


AdliceDiag (Gen-Hackman) Advertisements

AdsFix (Hackman Gen)

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Batch_Man (AHK_NavScan)

Gillespie, Michael, aka AlphaDecrypter

Avast! Software (AswMBR)

Michael Gillespie’s AuroraDecrypter with the regist’s AutorunsVTChecker

Avast! Software’s Offline CryptoMix Ransomware Decryptor

Swandog46’s Avenger

Michael Gillespie’s BitKangarooDecrypter

BitStakDecrypter (Emsisoft) BlitzBlank (Michael Gillespie)

Michael Gillespie’s BTCWareDecrypter

Gmer Catchme

Verify Browsers LNK (Regist & Alex Dragokas)

Askey127’s CKScanner

(Gen-Hackman) Clean_DNS

Alexander Dragokas, ClearLNK

CMD_Command (Hackman, General)

Kaspersky Labs’ CoinVaultDecryptor

Combofix (sUBs)

Michael Gillespie’s Crypt38Decrypter, CryptoSearch, and DDS (sUBs)

Emsisoft’s CryptON Ransomware Decryptor

The jpshortstuff defogger

Gillespie, Michael, DCryDecrypter

The Eset Online Scanner

FilesLockerDecrypter (BleepingComputer) FixExec (Michael Gillespie)

Farbar (FRST)

FixPurge (FSS; Farbar; McVivien2)

Kaspersky Labs’ GetSystemInfo

Michael Gillespie’s GhostCryptDecrypter

Michael Gillespie’s GIBON Ransomware Decryptor, GooredFix (jpshortstuff), and GrantPerms (Farbar)

Michael Gillespie’s Bruteforcer, HiddenTear

Michael Gillespie’s HiddenTear Decrypter

Funkytoad, aka HostsXpert

BleepingComputer’s Hosts-perm.bat

Michael Gillespie’s InsaneCryptDecrypter

Fred de Vries and Paul McLain’s JavaRa

Michael Gillespie’s Jigsaw Decrypter

Tool to Remove Junkware (Malwarebytes Corporation)

ListCWall (Computer Bleeping)

ListParts (Farbar)

LogOnFix (Xplode)

Malwarebytes Corporation, or MBAR

MBR Examine (a_d_13)

mbr.exe (Gmer)

Michael Gillespie’s MicroCop Decryptor

Tool Minireg (Farbar)

Smalltoolbox with Farbar

MKV (C_XX & El Desaparecido)

M AV’s Mole02Decryptor

Laddy’s OneClick2RP

Old_Timer (OTA)

Old_Timer (OTC)

Old_Timer (OTH)

Old_Timer, or OTL

Old_Timer (OTM)

Old_Timer (OTS)

Pre_Scan (Hackman, Gen)

Michael Gillespie’s PowerLockyDecrypter

Close Process (Gen-Hackman)

Gen-Hackman’s QuickDiag

Decryptor Rakhni (Kaspersky Lab)

Decryptor Rannoh (Kaspersky Lab)

Michael Gillespie’s RansomNoteCleaner

Xplode RegtoolExport

Fix the VBS Worm (bartblaze).

Antivir Report (Laddy)

CHKDSK Report (Laddy)

Rkill (Grinler)

FirstAssociations (Xplode) (scr) (exe) RogueKiller (Tigzy)

Xplode’s RstHosts

ScanRapide (Dual)

Kaspersky Labs’ ShadeDecryptor

Cleaner Shortcut (BleepingComputer)

Oneself (C_XX)

Screen 317 of SecurityCheck

Michael Gillespie’s StrikedDecrypter

Michael Gillespie’s StupidDecryptor

The Symantec Kovter Removal Tool

Lookup System (jpshortstuff)

SFTGC (Pierre13)

Kaspersky Labs’ TDSSkiller

Old_Timer TFC

ToolsDiag (Amesa)

UAC-LEVEL (Amesam)

UAC Supervisor (Xplode)

UnHide Your Computer (Bleeping)

Michael Gillespie’s Unlock92Decrypter

USB Data Recovery (Streuner Company)

USBFix (The disappearing and C_XX)

UnZacMe (Hackman, Gen-)

DE-BUG Webroot (Webroot)

Kaspersky Labs’ WildfireDecryptor

WinChk (Xplode)

Xplode’s WinsockAnalyzer

Fixing WinUpdates (Xplode)

XoristDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)

Nicolas Coolman, ZHPCleaner

ZHPDiag (Colman, Nicolas)

ZHPLite (Nicolas Coolman)

Nicolas Coolman’s ZHPFix

Zoek (Smeenk)


Technical Specifications and System Prerequisites


Operating systems supported: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7.

RAM: 2 GB of RAM (memory); 4 GB is advised.

200 MB or more of free hard disk space



1.9 mb

Direct Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Kernel-panik

Version: 2.17.0

License Type: freeware