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Created By: Supertone

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License Type: freeware

Get GOYO Voice Separator for Windows PC for free. It is an effective tool that changes the way you perceive sound. One amazing feature of this cutting-edge audio plugin is its ability to divide your audio into three separate channels: Ambience, Voice, and Voice Reverb. By giving you total control over the balance between your voice and the ambient sounds, this state-of-the-art plugin transforms the way you listen to and work with audio.

GOYO Voice Separator Overview

It’s a novel way to give people more control over the dynamics of their audio. This plugin smoothly separates audio into three distinct channels, each of which represents an important part of sound, by using sophisticated algorithms. The voice channel separates the main vocals, and the ambience channel captures the ambient components. You can control the vocal reverberations with the Voice Reverb channel, which enhances the audio experience with richness and depth.

Worldwide Regulators

The plugin provides a wide range of global controls that have a big impact on the audio result:

Stereo/Mono Modes

Two different processing modes are offered by this function. A genuine vocal rendition is provided by the Mono Mode, which blends the left and right audio channels into a mono signal. Conversely, Stereo Mode preserves spatial details by processing the left and right channels independently. The type of audio and the intended outcome will determine which option is best.

Turn off Bypass Mode

Additionally, it has a bypass mode that lets you go back and forth between the processed output and the original audio input. By doing this, you may fine-tune your audio manipulation with smooth A/B comparisons.


The Undo/Redo feature simplifies the experimentation process by enabling you to quickly roll back or restore recent changes made to different controls.

Controls for Channels

Examining the individual channel controls, we reveal a world of adjustment possibilities:

Single Button

By focusing on and isolating a single channel, the Solo mode facilitates a thorough examination of individual audio elements. With the handy Ctrl + Click command, multiple channels can be soloed at once.

Mute Button

The Mute mode, as its name implies, mutes the sound on a selected channel to allow for focused changes.

Acquire Knob

With a gain range of whisper-soft (-60dB) to powerful +12dB, the Gain Knob is an essential tool for channel-specific gain control. Each channel’s prominence in the aural spectrum is shaped by this subtle control.

Accrual Indicator

With just a double-click, you can quickly alter a channel’s gain amount thanks to the Gain Indicator, which shows its current value visually.

FFT Chart

A Traditional FFT Graph is included with every channel to provide a visual representation of its frequency components. This realization makes it possible to precisely manipulate and shape the tonal qualities of the audio.

Clip Indication

To maintain the best possible audio quality, a red flash indication appears on the FFT Graph and Gain Knob when a channel’s audio is clipping.

System prerequisites


Operating System: 64-bit only, Windows 10 and above

Plugin Formats: AAX, VST3, VST, and AU formats are available.

Sample Rate and Buffer Size: 44100Hz, 48000Hz, and 96000Hz sample rates are supported. 256 or more as the I/O buffer size.


In summary

Unmatched control over audio segmentation and manipulation is provided by GOYO Voice Separator. This plugin gives sound professionals, artists, and enthusiasts the ability to expertly create their audio environments with its unique features, global controls, and precise channel modifications. It is an essential tool that will help you create a symphony of sound that is in line with your individual artistic vision, whether you’re aiming for a natural vocal resonance or to maintain spatial nuances.


20.0 mb

Direct Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Supertone

Version: Latest

License Type: freeware