GameMaker Studio Ultimate 2022.8.1.36 By YoYo Games - full_version

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Created By: YoYo Games

Version: 2022.8.1.36

License Type: full_version

YoYo Games offers GameMaker Studio Ultimate for Windows PCs at no cost. It offers all you require to develop your idea from a concept to a completed game. The best 2D creation environment is GameMaker Studio, which has robust features and no entry hurdles!

An overview of the Ultimate GameMaker Studio

Removing obstacles to entry is essential to making game development accessible to all. You won’t ever need to write code to get your game up and running with our user-friendly “Drag and Drop” development environment! The built-in language (GML) of GameMaker Studio facilitates learning to program incrementally rather than diving headfirst into the world of coding.

GameMaker Studio allows you to export your game directly to Windows desktop, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, fireTV, Android TV, Microsoft UWP, HTML5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, all with a unified development workflow.

The days of needing a large budget to make visually stunning games are long gone. You can easily add AAA game features using GameMaker Studio. Use 2D physics to give your games life, cross-platform network play to attract a large player base, and shaders to provide breathtaking visual effects.

Feature Overview for GameMaker Studio Ultimate


Your GameMaker, Studio projects can be quickly brought up to speed by immediately importing them into Studio.

You can utilize your YoYo Account to create a single login for GameMaker Studio, which serves all of your game-making needs.

You can have your study resources docked right in your workspace with our integrated tutorials.

We have created a productive workflow that doesn’t impede development for all of our users that use laptop computers for their development.

Adapt your development environment by making your own skin or selecting one of our pre-made ones.

Dock your tool windows where you want them to be to help you organize your workspace.

It’s never been simpler to manage the items in your game thanks to our innovative structure and workflow.

You can work with several files without needing a window for each thanks to tabs and the option to divide the editor into two parts.

Create the game of your dreams without knowing any code by using Drag and Drop like never before.

To create the exact game you want, just select the events and actions you require from our vast library.

View the code underlying our DnDTM actions to gain programming knowledge and advance your games.

GML, which is simple to learn and has all the power of other programming languages, is based on the C language.

Organize your rooms according to your own preferences, and draw sprites directly without the use of an object.

By assembling a collection of tiles and directing them toward the room, you can simplify repetition.

You may instantly add variation to your projects by sharing resources and standard code.

With our fantastic new editor, you can quickly and easily create a brush from any part of your image.

Adding a little animation to your sprites will make them come to life and elevate your games.

Add a little animation to your levels to spice them up without sacrificing gameplay.

Establish a color scheme using frequently used tiles to streamline your process.

You won’t ever have to worry about what goes where again when the right tile is automatically selected for the task.

You can quickly find, locate, and open any resource in your project with the GoTo Finder.

You can quickly switch between resources and never lose sight of your location.

With our Git connection, you can store and backup your project history from any location in the world.

With the help of our robust debugger, save time and effort.


System specifications and technical information


Operating Systems Supported: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11

Processor: AMD or Xeon, multi-core Intel Series or higher comparable

4GB of RAM (or more is recommended)

Free Hard Drive Space: It’s advised to have 4GB or more



1.35 gb

Direct Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: YoYo Games

Version: 2022.8.1.36

License Type: full_version