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Created By: Autodesk

Version: 2024

License Type: full_version

Autodesk ReCap Pro is available for Windows PCs at no cost. It is software for capturing reality and turning it into a 2D or 3D model that may be further designed. ReCap Pro offers enhanced speed and workflow capabilities for tasks involving photogrammetry and scanning.

Overview of Autodesk ReCap Pro

ReCap Pro can turn photos or laser scans into 3D models. A point cloud or meshes suitable for CAD and BIM authoring tools are the end result.

A wide range of state-of-the-art features, including automatic scan registration and photo stitching into 3D models, sophisticated editing and measurement tools, scan-to-mesh data service, Fly features for UAV/drone photos, and collaborative tools, are available with the Autodesk ReCap Pro version.

Autodesk ReCap Pro features


Project transfer from ReCap Pro for mobile now has additional support.

Resolved launch crash caused by loading outdated import components.

Fixed a problem where projects with a user-specified coordinate system and a big translation would lose deleted points when they were saved as…

enhanced stability of the application during registration.

To aid in decision-making while loading partially registered projects, a registration status report has been added.

When importing partially registered projects, the default setting is to substitute “resume registration” for “automatic registration.”

The problem with the ASCII import not importing data from some columns has been resolved.

Importing PTX and PTG files exported from third-party tools was resolved.

enhanced LAS and LAZ file processing for non-English locales.

Import and export support for PCG has been removed.

Resolved a problem when scans deleted from the project navigator stayed in the project upon re-registering.

Resolved a problem wherein new projects had the incorrect default view set.

The in-app feedback feature was shifted from 3D View to the title bar of the program.

updated in-app feedback that directs users to the idea station for new products.

New Faro SDK for importing FLS and LSPROJ files.

enhanced text and widget arrangement for non-English languages.

The sharing dialog’s public link toggle button has been updated.

Corrected sporadic problems on installations with single-user license that occurred when ReCap was unable to connect to the Autodesk servers because of a bad or nonexistent internet connection.


System specifications and technical information


Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 is supported.

CPU: a multicore 64-bit AMD or Intel processor

8 GB of RAM (up to 16 GB recommended)

4 GB of hard disk space



1.65 gb

Direct Download

Password Unzip: 123

Created By: Autodesk

Version: 2024

License Type: full_version